Super novA

Minecraft Server

Welcome To SupernovA

   You might be the kind of person who would like to join a community with more than one aspect. Make your choice, you might feel like playing a minigame, or raid a faction, or building.
Our players are well rewarded with their accomplishments and doings.

Use this IP to join the addiction!  *Currently Down*

We are sad to announce the public server has been shut down due to a hard drive malfunction causing us to loose all files.



   I am owner and CEO of SupernovA, the goodieness of all great things that SupernovA has to offer.

   I mainly make my goal to be sure everything is in alignment and not getting too crazy.
I spend most of my time working on configs and building/setting up the foundations of SupernovA.

   I am proud to run a successful server and to allow a number of people enjoy their time here. But I am mainly glad to see the players that come with high anticipation, stay with satisfaction.

   I enjoy working with redstone, mechanics and the server configs, so this is a great hobby to  work on aside from work.

  I am the owner of the SupernovA Minecraft Realms server!

I am a person who likes to play a lot of different games!
I mainly play valve games, GTA V, and minecraft.


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